We are Spain Insights

We are a Spanish inbound travel agency that offers unique and comprehensive travel experiences which fully fit in the expectations transmitted by our customers. Put yourself on our hands and get ready to feel a Spain that will become part of your life.

Alba Cruells

Founder & Travel Consultant

Born in Barcelona and adopted by Aragón –Europe’s Natural Park and one of the most protected natural areas in Spain. I consider myself an inhabitant of the Earth spaceship and a traveler throughout discoveries and experiences.

I have university studies as an economist and as a business administrator. I have previously worked in several multinational companies which belong to the consultancy and industrial marketing sector, along those years I led working groups of more than 20 people… Nevertheless, my true passion is traveling all around the world.

I had the chance of traveling for more than three years all around the world. I have also walked more than 1800 km in Spain, including the Way of Saint James. I have been learning from each person I have met and from each culture I have had the honor to approach.

All this experience is reflected, from 2008 onwards, in our first project related to nature tourism trips, and now in our new Project SpainInsights; with SpainInsights a new project of customized travels all around Spain is born, always having in mind the best trip that I would like for myself… All of this is transferred to each of you, our customers, who eventually will become our friends and our aventure partners.

Manuel Rami

Founder & Partnertships Manager

One decision: to get a degree on new technologies. Currently, any sector we get involved in and any project we undertake needs new technologies to be applied. Technology is something transversal which influences and reaches everything.

A professional perspective: entrepreneurship – constantly thinking of starting up a new business idea. Once I finished my degree, around 15 years ago yet, I started to work as a freelancer and set up an IT company through which I could give solutions to companies’ technological issues. Since that time, I have undertaken many projects in different areas, including another inbound travel agency in Spain. Successfully or not, I really hope that my willingness to start up new projects and to face new challenges never abandons me. So far, here I am.

A Lucky strike: to be born in Spain. This is something that one cannot choose. You can decide whether to live in a certain place or another, but you can’t choose to belong to a place. Belonging feelings are what make you love the place where you live, and what make you get to know it step by step, without being really aware. I am sure it is not possible to show a country’s hallmarks without belonging to it.

A vital attitude: enjoying life. This path we are all walking along lasts for a limited amount of time, and sometimes it has unpleasant surprises. I have always been sure that we have to make the most of every single moment, work as much as needed and enjoy. Personally, there are two things that make me enjoy the most: traveling and eating.

Spain Insights: a written equation. Spain Insights is a project in which the four points above merge: It is a project about travel, about pleasure, about food experiences. It is a project for which having been born in Spain is a must. It is a business venture for which my colleagues and I strive every day. And of course, it is also a technological project, as most of them are nowadays.

Pepe Isabal

Founder & Marketing Specialist

Spain is history, culture, traditions and gastronomy. I considered myself a gourmand, hence all my experience and knowledge will be available to you, so you can experience your trip by enjoying our local products besides going all over the most amazing spots of our country; Serrano ham, olive oil, wine, truffle… and you will be able to enjoy them all at the best places to do so. You will love the taste of Spain.

Raúl Martín

Travel Assistant & Cultural and Nature Guide

From the passion for maps, as a window to the world, to study a degree on Topography. From Topography to the mountains, as if they were my personal playground.

From living for the mountains, to living at the mountains. From living at the mountains, to showing them to others, as a guide, as a host.

And all along the way, knowing people who made everything possible.

The journey is the pathway.

Mónica Alujas

Sales Rep & Partners Coordinator

From the moment I had to choose a university degree, at only 18 years of age, I was very clear about the fact that I wanted to work in the tourist sector. After finishing my studies on tourism, I started to work in several hotel establishments and other companies linked to tourism. I have learned from every work experience I have gone through. After, I have applied all that knowledge into new work experiences so that to improve in every aspect.

My main challenge is to enjoy life; to enjoy those little moments that turn everything into something special, to enjoy people around me, from those that make me laugh and feel happy, and finally to enjoy those amazing places that you would never leave behind.

I love instilling positivity, joy, and good work in others so that they can enjoy all their life experiences to the limit.

David Barrabés

Sales Rep & Partners Coordinator

From the Pyrenees to heaven.
Being born and raised on the mountains is a privilege that just a few can have, not enjoying it would be a crime.

I am a hiker, a trail runner… They all have something in common that make me feel alive: the mountain, its people and its villages.

For this reason I studied a degree on tourism and I trained as a guide, so that people who cannot benefit from the same privilege of living here get to know our “personal playground”; to show it to all our visitors and to try to transmit how fond I am of this territory – my home.