Flamenco is a truly Spanish art. To feel the passion and energy it transmits is an extraordinary experience. Visit a tablao (flamenco club) and experience this «universal» art, whose roots lie in the deepest of Spanish feeling.

Tablaos are clubs dedicated to Flamenco dance and song. They are the best places to see a unique flamenco performance that will captivate the audience. In flamenco, heartfelt song, accompanying guitar, rhythmic tap-dance and clapping, all come together with the dance of great artists, who often appear anonymously. You will notice how you are unconsciously infected by the emotion and feeling that this musical genre transmits.

Tablaos tend to be decorated in a typically Spanish way, with embroidered silk shawls, photographs of famous people, bullfighting clothes and capes. They usually have a warm atmosphere that will let you savour these special surroundings. There are many flamenco clubs in Spain, although they are most frequently found in Andalusia. At a tablao you can have a drink, sample some tapas, or even dine on some full-blown Spanish cuisine.

Flamenco music has enchanted people from all over the world, and has been a source of inspiration for many great artists. It is not a homogenous form of music. Rather, it consists of a number of variants such as tarantos, bulerías, alegrías and soleares. These are diverse styles that, together, form a sign of identity, a definitive artistic genre that expresses the passion of an entire people as few others do.

Come to a tablao and be sure to enjoy a night of flamenco music.

Source: https://www.spain.info